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Art, Communication & Theatre

Chair:  Dr. Robin Jones

Welcome to the Department of Art, Communication and Theatre at SWOSU where we provide our students with an innovative and provocative educational foundation for building creative and fulfilling futures.

Degrees Offered

SWOSU's programs in art, communication and theatre are some of the best in the region. Our graduates are prepared to work in fine arts, design, media, retail, production or curating. SWOSU's distinguished faculty is committed to providing our artistic-minded students with skills and knowledge of today's creative tools and techniques. This skill set is coupled with a traditional academic emphasis to give our students a w. We take pride in educating Oklahoma's next generation of artists, actors, producers, designers and communicators.

Arts Degrees

Communication & Theatre Degree

Career Outlook for Art, Communication & Theatre Majors

What Can I Do With an Art Degree?

Creative much? If you're that person who enjoys imaginative, visionary, original work, then a degree in art from SWOSU could be the degree for you. An art degree can lead to a specific career such as: art director, film & video editor, graphic designer, industrial product designer, marketing manager, multimedia, artist/animator, studio artist, painter, print maker, sculptor, ceramic artists, fiber artist, etc. In addition, a degree in the arts is good preparation for the world of work. The work you accomplish and the skills you gain from a degree in fine arts, history of art or graphic arts are valuable and transferable to many career paths. Art graduates have solid observational, analytical and research skills, as well as the ability to solve problems creatively.

What Can I Do With a Communication Arts Degree?

There are lots of choices for graduates with a degree in the communication arts. Careers as a public speaker; entertainer; radio talk show host; communication statistician; lawyer; mediation specialist; student activities director; mental health professional; linguist; child language specialist; nonprofit organization director; legal communication consultant; fund raiser; developmental officer; college recruiter; government lobbyist; advertising executive; media buyer; market researcher; business manager; communication researcher; employment interviewer; human resources manager; health services manager; hotel manager; media account executive; marketing communication manager; advertising account executive; forensics/debate director; public opinion researcher; marketing specialist; customer service representative; medical communication trainer; training specialist; entrepreneur; telecommunications specialist and marketing manager are all viable options for SWOSU communication arts degree holders.

What Can I Do With a Theatre Degree?

A theatre degree from SWOSU opens doors for you to hone your acting chops in a variety of settings from the big screen to the small stage. A career as a theater manager; high school speech teacher; university professor; sound technician; lighting technician; theatre director; script writer; arts administrator; film director; language arts teacher and actor await those majoring in theatre from SWOSU.

Why Major in the Arts?

The arts help keep civilization civilized... and on a more personal level, a career in the arts can benefit your pocketbook as well as your visionary soul. According to the nonprofit organization Americans for the Arts, the arts and culture industry creates about 4.6 million jobs every year in this great nation of ours. What that means for you is that your talent and your skills are marketable in today's economy. Book design, illustration, graphic design, creative writing, performance art, etc., are all good choices for SWOSU graduates with art degrees.

Why Major in Communication?

Communication is the key. You've heard it. I've heard it. See where I'm going here? Good communication is essential in every industry. A communication degree from SWOSU will allow you to build awareness of how to communicate effectively to diverse audiences. Strong communication skills are essential in order to provide definition, clarity and resonance to your organization's goals, and to present your organization and its services or products in the best and clearest way possible to your target audiences.

Start Your Career With SWOSU

The faculty and staff of the Art, Communication and Theatre department strive to build and nurture a creative learning environment and close working relationship with students. In addition to the emphasis placed on high quality instruction in the classroom, studios and labs, faculty encourage students to experiment, innovate and generate ground breaking work while earning their degree at SWOSU.