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Communication & Collaboration

SWOSU ITS provides the following services for collaboration and file sharing/storage for the SWOSU Campus. 


Microsoft Teams is a collaboration application that helps your team stay organized and have conversations all in one place. In Teams, you can pull a team together, use chat instead of email, edit files at the same time as other team members, and customize your team by adding notes, websites, and apps.  


OneDrive is SWOSU’s cloud-based storage solution available to students, faculty, and staff. You can store all your files securely in one place, where you can access from virtually anywhere. It is provided with your O365 license and offers you a 1TB of storage. You can create, store, share, and manage all your files through GoSWOSU, your computer, or your Team in Teams. 

Cisco Telephone & Voicemail 

SWOSU provides Cisco phone service to most offices on campus. This also includes messaging features that allow for checking your voicemail from your SWOSU email or from your Cisco phone. 


Zoom, an internet-based video conferencing service, is available to SWOSU faculty, staff, and students. This tool provides easy to use, high-definition video/audio conferencing on almost any device. Zoom is supported by the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL) department here on campus. For help or more information, please contact CETL.