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Faculty/Staff Request for Proposal Development Awards

SWOSU provides Proposal Development Awards (PDA) up to a total of $12,000 to be distributed annually to faculty and staff to enhance scholarly activity. The intent of this University award is to provide faculty and staff with financial resources to draft proposals for external funding which would minimally be greater than the monies provided by the University award but potentially be in excess of the award. Each award provides funds up to $6,000. It is expected as a condition of the award that by the end of the funding cycle, a proposal in a form ready for submission to an external agency be presented to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). An information workshop is held each fall to aid in the development of proposals leading to extramural funding for research and/or other scholarly activities.


  • Proposal Development Awards will be limited to full-time (academic year) faculty, staff, or administrators only.
  • First priority will be given to first-time PDA applicants. (First-time applicants may be new to SWOSU or new to grant writing.)
  • Second priority will be given to “new” grant proposals from previous applicants.
  • Third priority will be given to reoccurring grant proposals or revised grant proposals from previous applicants. (Only one “revision” PDA will be considered per applicant.)
  • The awards may be used for applicant’s summer salary and fringe benefits, student wages and fringe benefits, travel, computer researches of databases, etc. which are related to the preparation of the proposal. (Call OSP for fringe benefit estimates.)  These monies may be spent throughout the proposal development period as long as the expenditures are prior to the external proposal submission. Computer purchases and computer-related equipment are unallowable expenses without justification and special committee approval.
  • If a portion or the entire PDA is used for summer salary, applicants may have other sources of university summer income (e.g. teaching). Check with OSP for any pay limitations.
  • These awards may also be used to write proposals to obtain funding to complete dissertation work. All awarded funds regarding dissertation work must be awarded to SWOSU, not the individual.
  • Applicants must have proof of compliance for prior PDA awards on file in the Office of Sponsored Programs before a new award will be considered.
  • All applicants must comply with the requirements (procedures) of their departments and colleges in submitting their proposed work.
  • PDA Funds may not be requested for a project that is already supported by a grant or other external sources. If funding is received from an external source OSP must be notified immediately and adjustments made. If outside funding is received after the PDA award is made, applicant will be required to relinquish the PDA.
    PDAs should not include a proposal intended primarily to obtain funds for expenses normally included in division or department budgets.

Proposal Preparation

See full Request for Proposals (RFP) and PDA Application for additional requirements and details.
Contact OSP for any questions.