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Scholarly Activity and Academic Activity

Faculty, Administrators, Staff, and Students are encouraged to report scholarly activities and academic activities to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Please report the information upon completion of the activity with a copy for SWOSU's archives (publications, paper presentation, power point presentation, workbooks, newsletters, etc). The Office of Sponsored Programs publishes an annual report of reported Scholarly Activity and Academic Activity.

The Scholarly/Academic Activity Report form may be obtained from the OSP web page at Scholarly/Academic Activity Report (Microsoft® Word Document). Submit the completed Activity Report form and archive copy to the Office of Sponsored Programs, STF 209. Two signatures are required: Applicant's Signature and Applicant's Chair/Supervisor signature. The Applicant's Chair/Supervisor approves the activity as a reportable scholarly or academic activity and verifies the activity definition reported. For additional details contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at 580.774.7012.

Definition of Scholarly Activities

  • Exhibition
  • Interview Non-Print Media
  • Musical Score
  • Paper Presentation
  • Performance
  • Poem
  • Poster
  • Publication - Book
  • Publication - Chapter
  • Publication - Editor
  • Publication - Electronic Publications
  • Publication - Journal Article
  • Publication - Lab Manual
  • Publication - Monograph
  • Publication - Newsletter
  • Publication - Workbook
  • Review Article
  • Reprint
  • Workshop Presentation
  • Other: (Explain)

Definition of Academic Activities

  • Committee Appointment
  • Consultant
  • Discussant
  • Honor
  • Judge
  • Reviewer
  • Session Chair
  • State/National Officer
  • Workshop Coordinator
  • Other: (Explain)