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Online Forms vs PDFs


Formstack is an alternative for fillable Word or PDF documents. The collection of data is simple and reliable. Data is stored in a database and available for download into several different formats. A notification email is sent to the SWOSU representative(s) as well as a confirmation email sent to the person submitting the form. Online form examples show the possibilities.

Contact Web & Creative Services to start using Formstack.


  • Social Autofill
    • Lets users complete multiple form fields with data from social media profiles
  • Partial Submissions
    • Capture real-time data from users who abandon the form without completing it
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder
    • Features are sophisticated but easy to use


  • Videos, Guides, E-Books and Infographics
  • WebMerge - 3rd party plug for Formstack
    • Allows you to collect online data using Formstack and then merge that data into a document.
    • Necessary if a customized printable document is needed from the data collected.
    • Departments are responsible for paying any fees involved. See WebMerge Pricing.