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Business Enterprise Center Policies and Procedures

The space and facilities of Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Business Enterprise Center are intended primarily for the support of official events of the University. The Business Enterprise Center is designed to host seminars, workshops, meetings, banquets and/or conferences. The Director of the Business Enterprise Center has the primary authority to commit the facilities.

  1. It is recommended that one does not sign any contract or advertise the event until the Application for Use of the Business Enterprise Center has been approved.   Submitting an application does not acknowledge that the facility is available. Once your application has been reviewed you will then receive a notification on whether the facility is approved or denied.
  2. Approval of an application for use of the Business Enterprise Center will be based on the appropriateness of the event. The Business Enterprise Center has the right to approve or deny any application.
  3. No keys will be issued to anyone other than Business Enterprise Center employees.
  4. By signing an application the sponsoring person/persons acknowledges that they will abide by all regulations and policies and will be liable for damages to the premises.
  5. It is a violation for any person or group to solicit or sell to students while on the property, campus or grounds of SWOSU. Specific written authorization for such event must come from the Office of Administration and Finance.
  6. Once the application is approved, an invoice is generated and mailed. Facility charges are due upon receipt of the invoice. Payment can be made by check or credit card at the Bursar office located in room 109 of the administration building or by calling 580.774.3019. Rates collected by the Business Enterprise Center are for rooms only.
  7. If an applicant is contracting for a SWOSU Departmental Function then a department representative must be present at the event.  The fee will then be waived.
  8. If the applicant is contracting for a recognized SWOSU Student Organization that is in good standing with SWOSU Dean of Students then a green sheet must accompany their application. There must also be a representative of the student organization physically present at the event.  The fee will then be waived.
  9. If the applicant is not a part of SWOSU but then contacts an SWOSU Department, Office, or Recognized Student Group to collaborate in putting on an event in a joint alliance. There must be a representative from the sponsoring group physically present at the event.  Then the fee would be waived.
  10. If an applicant is contracting for the City of Weatherford or a Non-Profit Organization then a copy of their 501©3 must accompany their application. The fee will then be waived.
  11. If the applicant is part of SWOSU and is contracting an event as an external group or individual and that event has no affiliation or association with SWOSU. This category would include faculty, staff, or student hosting an event for personal purpose. The fee will be discounted 20%.
  12. If the applicant is an external group or individual and has no affiliation with the campus then the fee would be full price.
  13. The applicant will be responsible for furnishing registration crews to register attendees, collect registration fees (if any), and/or distribute information to attendees. They will also be responsible for making food arrangements and arrangements for the food to be served.
  14. Physical changes, hanging of picture or other decorations must have prior approval from the Business Enterprise Center Director. Attaching notices or signs to walls and doors is prohibited without permission from the Business Enterprise Director.
  15. Arrangements for any technical equipment must be arranged in advance with the Business Enterprise Center Director. Only Business Enterprise Center employees are authorized to make adjustments to the sound and lighting.
  16. Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Food Service is the authorized cater for the Business Enterprise Center. If the applicant chooses to use an outside cater, then said cater will need to be authorized by the Business Enterprise Center’s Director. The cater will then be responsible for supplying all of the supplies necessary to serve the event and are also responsible for cleaning up after the event.
  17. The kitchen and appliances may be used with prior approval with a charge of $25.00. Dishes, cooking, serving, and eating utensils, paper products and condiments are not available from the Business Enterprise Center. Such items must be supplied by applicant or cater.
  18. The staff of the Business Enterprise Center will not be responsible for serving or making food arrangement for the applicant.
  19. The use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and controlled substances is not permitted in the Business Enterprise Center when pertaining to student activities or events. Unless SWOSU authorizes the sale of alcoholic beverages for on premises consumption at particular functions, occasions, or events which are temporary in nature. Then alcoholic beverages may be sold and/or served at private catered events. These events will also be required to have security on the premises. The charge for security is $25.00 per hour.
  20. Authorized SWOSU employee will arrive 30 minutes prior to the events In Time and will have the facility already set for your event. They are here to operate and make adjustments to the sound, lights, projector and laptop as needed along with any other needs that might arise.
  21. The following fees are in effect:

Any off campus organization will be charged full price for the facility. The usage fee will be waived if for:

  • University Departments
  • Campus or Student Organizations (with green sheet)
  • Not-for-profit organizations (with 501©3)
  • City of Weatherford