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Purchasing in Excess of $2,500

Section I


Southwestern Oklahoma State University's policy regarding any single purchase in excess of $7,500 must be bid according to Board Policy unless:

  1. purchased at or below state contract pricing
  2. purchased from a governmental entity
  3. purchased from an existing bid awarded by another state college, university, or consortium of such institutions.

Section II


It shall be the policy of Southwestern Oklahoma State University that any single purchase in excess of $2,500.01 up to the $7,500 bid limit shall be at the best price that is reasonably obtained. Therefore, if a budget manager issues a requisition to the Business Office for $2,500.01 or more up to the mandatory bid limit, the budget manager shall provide adequate documentation to show evidence that the purchase price meets university policy. Such documentation may indicate that the purchase is from the state contract, less than contract prices, from another government entity, from an existing bid award at another state institution, or a list of at least 3 independently obtained quotes. If independent quotes are obtained, the attached data sheet must be properly filled out and attached with the requisition.

We exempt memberships from the quote rule and require a sole source affidavit only on an item over $2,500.

Effective Date: April 27, 1999 (Revised August, 2004)