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Spring Semester

2021 Enrollment Dates
Sep 28 Advisement

Contact advisor for appointment.

Oct 05 Seniors

Seniors with 90 or more semester hours completed may enroll.


Juniors with 60 or more semester hours completed may enroll.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may enroll.

Athletes, student employees, new students

Athletes, student employees and new students may enroll throughout the enrollment period (contact the Registrar's Office for instructions).

Oct 12 Sophomores

Sophomores with 30 or more semester hours completed may enroll (with advisor approval).

Oct 9 Freshmen

Freshmen and others who have not enrolled may enroll (with advisor approval).


  • Login through GoSWOSU and access Self Service
  • Plan courses/sections for the appropriate semester and seek advisor approval (if classified as freshmen or sophomores)
  • Schedule with advisor and complete the enrollment form (with advisor’s signature if needed)
  • You may then enroll online through Self Service or the Enrollment Room (HAB-106). Holds must be cleared prior to enrollment.
If returning after being out for more than one semester, the student must confirm admission or re-admission.
You are not required to pay at the time of pre-enrollment. All tuition and fees are due on or before January 8, 2021.
I.D.s are available year-round in the Student Center (second floor). Students will need proof of enrollment and a valid photo I.D.
Parking permits may be obtained at the Department of Public Safety.


Refunds are made for approved total withdrawals from the University as follows:

  • Jan 11-25: 100%
  • After Jan 25: No Refund

1st 8-weeks

  • Jan 11-15: 100%
  • After Jan 15: No Refund

 2nd 8-weeks

  • Mar 8-12: 100%
  • After Mar 12: No Refund

1st 4-weeks

  • Jan 11-12: 100%
  • After Jan 12: No Refund

2nd 4-weeks

  • Feb 8-9: 100%
  • After Feb 9: No Refund

3rd 4-weeks

  • Mar 8-9: 100%
  • After Mar 9: No Refund

4th 4-weeks

  • Apr 5-6: 100%
  • After Apr 6: No Refund

  • Prior to the first day of class: 100% refund
  • After class begins: No Refund

Any student who totally withdraws from the University during the defined add/drop period shall receive a 100% refund of the total tuition and fees assessed to that student. A prorated portion of financial aid received for that semester must be repaid immediately. After the add/drop period, the charge shall be 100% of the total tuition and fees assessed to that student. Total withdrawals are processed through the Registrar's office (774-3777, 774-3778 or 774-3008). Requests for total withdrawals must be processed either in person or through the student’s SWOSU email account. Emails should be sent to

Every Title IV aid recipient who enacts a complete withdrawal before the 60% point in a semester will be billed for all money required to be returned to the federal government due to the Return of Title IV Aid policy. The billing amount will be equal to 40% or more of your tuition and fee charges for the semester. The formula for aid return is available in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Late Enrollment and Late Payment Tuition Penalties
Feb 05
(5 pm)
Late payment penalty in effect: 5% of Balance Due (Total = Balance Due x 1.05)
Mar 05
(5 pm)
Additional late payment penalty in effect: 5% of Balance Due (Total = Balance Due x 1.05)
Apr 02
(5 pm)
Additional late payment penalty in effect: 5% of Balance Due (Total = Balance Due x 1.05)

Students are responsible for payment for the cost of attendance for their education. Students receiving scholarships, loans, or grants are subject to all penalties if they fail to insure that the necessary paperwork to receive such financial aid is completed on time.

Students who have payment problems must report to the bursar’s office (hab-109). Student accounts that remain unpaid at the end of the semester are subject to assignment for collection. Students are responsible for any additional charges (up to 33%) made by the collection company for this service.