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Final Examinations Schedule

Final Exam Policy

  1. Students may drop classes up to five days prior to the beginning of finals.
  2. During the regular semesters, the three class days prior to the beginning of finals are considered "dead days" in that no graded assignments or activities are to be scheduled. Extracurricular events (other than unscheduled league play‑off events) and required field trips are prohibited. Attendance policies will remain in force.
  3. If students feel that the dead days policy is not being followed, students should speak with the faculty member. If no resolution is reached, students should contact the Department Chair/Associate Dean and ask for their help. If that route is unsuccessful, students should speak with the Dean of their college.
  4. Exams for single classes must follow the posted schedule.
  5. Multi-section exams scheduled by an instructor must have the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Room availability must be checked with the office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. These are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  6. Multi-section exams must be approved one week before the first final exam and classes notified of the schedule.
  7. In case of conflict between single sections and multi-sections, the single section takes precedence for the student’s time.
  8. Occasionally, the final exam schedule results in a student having more than three exams on any given day. Students may seek assistance in alleviating this excessive schedule from the Vice President for Academic Affairs on the Weatherford campus or from the Dean at the Sayre Location.
  9. No early finals. Early finals are any final given prior to 8:30 a. m. on the Monday of finals week. (Lab finals are scheduled prior to finals week.)
  10. Students unable to meet the regular examination schedule may receive an “I” (Incomplete) and have additional time to complete their work at the discretion of the instructor.