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SWOSU Mentor Collective

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Online Mentorship at SWOSU

SWOSU Mentor Collective is an online mentorship program that matches students with peers to help with setting and achieving their goals, both academic and personal. Through the program, students will have ongoing access to a network of mentors trained to offer guidance and advice.

Students will be matched with a personal mentor based on common academic interests, career goals, life challenges, and experiences. Students can also use the platform’s discussion guides and goal-setting activities to spark meaningful conversations with their mentors. Topics range from time management and work-life balance to networking and job-seeking advice.

Student Mentor
Mentor Collective is funded by a federal grant (P425M200346) from the U.S. Department of Education through the CARES Act specifically for Strengthening Institutions Programs. The total funding received was $845,000.

Student Experiences

“My mentor talked to me about one of my professors that I have and how understanding and easy she is to talk too if I ever need help.” -SWOSU Freshman

“My mentor gave me feedback on different professors that can help me with my degree.” -SWOSU Freshman

“My mentor informed me of different organizations that I could be involved in, which I knew there’s a lot of them but he listed a few that fit in with my degree and interests." -SWOSU Freshman

“I had little to no guidance from my parents, and was not sure of how to even reach out to people properly. I would love to help other students learn from my mistakes and show them that they are not alone like I was.” -SWOSU Mentor

“I went to a community college before I came to SWOSU my first year so I know it can be difficult and hard to feel attached to the school. In addition to that, I also commute so I was never really around campus. I had a friend I would meet up with once a week and who helped me get my student ID which helped me out big time.” -SWOSU Mentor

"At my school, I have always wanted to get involved in activities pertaining to the school! Participating in this program has really help me to branch out more!" -SWOSU Mentor