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Designated People

Each building has Designated People who see that the storm shelter area for that building is unlocked and accessible for faculty/students in the building. There are two Voluntary Storm Shelters, Science Building and Library Auditorium west entrance. All students should be reminded that lowest level away from windows and doors is standard tornado precautions in all SWOSU Buildings. No animals, except for service animals, allowed in any shelter.

Any questions should be directed to SWOSU Campus Police at ext. 3111 on the Weatherford campus or 580.774.3111.


Building Designated People Safest Ares in Each Building in case of a Tornado
AL HARRIS LIBRARY Jason Dupree  7081/Jennifer Macaulay 3031 Basement
ALMA MATTER MERC (BOOKSTORE/MARKET) Ashley Hancock  7051 Basement
ART BUILDING Steve Strickler 3082/Robin Jones 3080/ Sherry Gooch 3756 Basement
ASSESSMENT CENTER (SOUTH) Jan Kliewer  3084/Sharon Jenkins 7184 Room 108 west side of Building
BEEKS ERICK (CPP CLASSROOM ANNEX) Randy Curry 3760 1st Floor NW End of CPP
BELLE BARKER (MUSIC THERAPY/LANGUAGE CENTER)  Sophia Lee 3218 Campbell, 1st Floor, Central Hallway
BLACK KETTLE HALL Cedric Collinge 3076/Chad Martin 3024 Basement
BURTON HOUSE Kari Jones  3289/Garrett King 3267 Basement
CAMPBELL BUILDING Kelley Logan  3734/Lisa Boyles 3241/Tom McNamara 3058 1st Floor, Central Hallway
CHEMISTRY/PHARMACY/PHYSICS              David Ralph  3191/Terry Goforth 3109/Sylvia Esjornson  7032/Les Ramos 3272 1st Floor NW End
DR. JOE ANNA HIBLER EDUCATION CENTER Ashley Walkup 3149/Stephanie Smith 3285 Basement
ED & WINNIE OLA BERRONG MUSIC HALL Philip Martinson 3719  Main Hallway
FINE ARTS  David Bessinger 3765/Bryce Wood 3705 Lobby Stairwells/Lobby Instrument Storage/Entrance Ramps to Auditorium
FITNESS CENTER Cade Oller  3213 Neff Hall Basement
GEN. THOMAS P. STAFFORD CENTER Dian Ray 3269/Todd Wiggen 3052/Jerome Wichert 3786 Basement
HENRIETTA MANN HALL/NORTH & SOUTH TOWER Alyssa Bane 3755/Chad Martin  3024 Basement
HILLTOP THEATER Jessica Salmans 7046/Steve Stickler  3082 Dressing Rooms and Dressing Room Hallways
HPE/RANKIN WILLIAMS FIELD HOUSE Bo Pagliasotti 7089/Jakayla McDonald 3254 North Classrooms/Hallway
JOHN HAYS ADMINISTRATION BUILDING David Misak 3248/Steve Johnson 3016/Shamus Moore 3777 Basement
MARY MABRY SAVAGE HALL Jason Barr/Chad Martin  3024 Neff Hall Basement
MEMORIAL STUDENT UNION   Radonna Sawatzky  3783/Jackie Reagan 3166 Basement
NEFF HALL Cedric Collinge 3076/Chad Martin  3024 Basement
OKLAHOMA HALL Gage Dowling 3755/Chad Martin 3024 Main Hallway/Lobby TV Area
PHYSICAL PLANT  Xandra Goforth 3788/James Skinner  3101 NW Room/File Storage Area
PIONEER CELLULAR EVENT CENTER Todd Helton 3227/Pam Nichols  3068/Nate Downs 3700 Basement Hallway/Lobby TV Area
PRINT SHOP/MAIL ROOM Kandy House  3260/Daniel Ediger  3207/Wanda Owens 3010 Women's Restroom
QUANAH PARKER CENTER  Sonia Rose 3261/Randy Barnett  6051/Janice Sperle  3725 Basement
SCIENCE BUILDING Christina Perkins 3293/Steve O’Neal  3091/Jason Johnson 3110 Basement
STANLEY VESTAL (HONORS-Y CHAPEL) Rene Bickle 6728 CPP-1st floor NW end
STEWART HALL  Donna Arganbright 3076/Chad Martin  3024 Basement
TECHNOLOGY BRICK Talon Watkins 3160 Basement in Stone Building
TECHNOLOGY STONE Brett Chase 3161 Basement
TIMOTHY T. DAY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE CENTER Lisa Thiessen 3039 Interior Room (Mesquite)
THEATRE SCENE SHOP  Jessica Salmans 7046/Steve Stickler  3082 Lowest Level Away From Windows
UPWARD BOUND  Jamie Novey  7029 Basement
WALTER D. STROTHER (PHARMACY II ANNEX) Tami Moser 3069/Patti Harper  3190 Basement
WEB & CREATIVE SERVICES Susan McElhaney 3179/Kyle Wright 7160 Interior Hallway
WELLNESS CENTER Donna Curry 3776/Susan Ellis 3776/Scott Miller   3187 Locker Rooms/Interior Hallway of SHS Office Area/1st Floor Enclosed Stairwells
ASAP ENERGY FIELD AT MILAM STADIUM Todd Helton 3227/Pam Nichols  3068/Nate Downs 3700 PEC Basement Hallway/Lobby TV Area
BASKETBALL/INTRAMURAL FIELDS Alyssa Bane 3755/Chad Martin  3024 Mann Hall Basement
NORTH ATHLETIC COMPLEX    Mark Persson 7047/Zach Saunders 7176/Kim Maher 7178  
OUTDOOR-VOLLEYBALL Cedric Collinge 3076/Chad Martin  3024 Neff Hall Basement


Building Designated Person Ext
Administration Building Terry Billey 2101
Administration Building Kerry Rhoads 2100
Alexander Building Michael Brinkley 2105
Conner Building Cathy Baker 2131
Patterson Field House Alan Shockey 2172
Patterson Field House Jerry Donnell 2173
Mackey Hall April Miller 2185
Mackey Hall Landry Brewer 2160
Mackey Hall Renae Bagzis 2150