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Responsibilities for Faculty & Staff at the Weatherford Campus


  1. Become familiar with the various locations of alarm signals (pull stations, etc.) and react immediately, calmly, and appropriately. If evacuation is necessary, make sure that the process is as orderly and prompt as possible. Also make sure all windows and doors are closed and that the students are relocated to the designated area appropriate to the nature of the emergency.
  2. Have class rosters with them at all times during an emergency. The rosters will include a listing of all students enrolled.
  3. If a hazard to the safety of students is identified, or if students are in danger in any way, the first priority of Faculty/Staff will be to take whatever action is prudent or necessary for the safety of the students. The second priority will be to notify the SWOSU Campus Police as soon as possible. The University plan of action will provide assistance.
  4. Faculty/Staff will not leave students unattended under any circumstances.
  5. Any Faculty/Staff (trained in CPR and First Aid) will go to any part of the campus where students are reported to be injured - if, and only if, he/she is not attending to students. His/hers major responsibility will be to apply first aid to the injured. A well-stocked portable first-aid kit is kept in all University buildings at all times. (Be aware of the location of the first aid kit in your building.)
  6. All Faculty/Staff not immediately responsible for students will go to the main office of the building at the outset of an emergency to receive direction from the designated person.

Cafeteria Staff

  1. Any emergency related to the kitchen operation of the cafeteria should be reported to the Director immediately.
  2. When an alarm sounds, all cafeteria staff must evacuate the kitchen area immediately. All windows and doors should be shut, and all stoves and ovens should be shut off. Personnel should evacuate to the area immediately outside the cafeteria.
  3. If students are present in the cafeteria, cafeteria staff should assist in getting the students evacuated.
  4. If the emergency involves the evacuation of Faculty and Students from the university, cafeteria staff should assist in the control of students, if warranted.

SWOSU Campus Police

The SWOSU Campus Police or other designee will supervise all emergency procedures during the initial stages of the emergency. As soon as the nature of the emergency is identified, the officer on the scene will make sure:

  1. That the appropriate alarm is sounded and/or Omnilert notification will be sent out.
  2. Those procedures to ensure the safety of the students and faculty/staff are being exercised.
  3. That proper authorities and agencies are notified.
  4. The internal communication channels are established within the building and campus wide.
  5. That planned role assignments are reinforced.
  6. That external communications are established.
  7. That administrator/designee will be on site during emergency.