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OKCIS "Create My Portfolio"

Oklahoma Career Information Systems

Create Your Portfolio:

  • Go to
  • Login Information
    • Username: SWOSU
    • Password: okcis391
  • Click on create-portfolioMy Portfolio then Click on create-portfolioCreate "My Portfolio"
  • Fill in your personal information
    • Your information will be kept confidential
    • You will use this username and password next time you log in
  • Click on submit
  • Then click the button next to:
    • Yes, it is ok for the teacher or counselor to view my portfolio.
  • Click on submit

Assessments (left hand side, bottom of page):

You will want to complete the O*NET Interest Profiler.

You are welcome to complete any or all of the assessments; this is the one we find is most helpful.

  1. Answer "like", "dislike" or "unsure" on all statements
  2. Click “Get Results”
  3. Scroll down to see your scores in 6 different areas. Click on the blue words to see a list of careers that might interest you.

          Social | Enterprising | Realistic | Conventional | Artistic | Investigative

Save Assessment Information:

Click | saveSave | (at the top right side of the screen, after you have completed the assessment - on the page with the blue words listed)

Check out the career categories in which you scored the highest.

Explore the site, it is full of information!