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Dress for Success

Proper Interview Attire


  • dressSuit or tailored dress in navy or dark gray; no extreme slits
  • Polished, closed-toe shoes, basic pumps with medium or low heels, no scuffs
  • Nails subtle, clean and medium to short
  • Makeup should be minimal
  • Avoid lace and low-cut blouses
  • Choose between a briefcase or handbag
  • Simple and basic jewelry, one ring
  • Always wear hosiery and match to shoes and skirt for continuity
  • No Perfume
  • High-quality pen


  • Navy, dark gray, or pinstripe suit
  • Polished shoes with leather soles, no scuffed heels
  • Black or navy knee-high socks
  • Clean nails
  • Fresh haircut
  • Conservative tie
  • Solid white shirt
  • Avoid flashy cuff links, rings or neck chains, no earrings
  • One ring
  • No cologne
  • Briefcase or portfolio and high-quality pen