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Follow Up

What to do after your interview

Thank You Notes

Send a good lasting impression that shows your interest in the position.

Basic Rules

  • Write and send the letter the same day of the interview
    • The letter should arrive before a decision is made
    • Letters can be typed or neatly handwritten
  • Send a note to everyone involved in the interview process
    • Ensure that names are spelled correctly
    • Don't forget the helpful secretary or office assistant

Phone Calls

Basic Rules

  • If you have not heard from the employer within two weeks after the interview it is okay to make a phone call to them asking where they are on their hiring decision.
  • Don’t forget to be very polite and courteous. 
  • If you have accepted a position elsewhere it is appropriate to call at any time to let the employer know that you would no longer like to be considered for the position. 

Example Follow Up Letter