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Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development Program

In support of our mission and values, Student Affairs has developed a continuous Diversity & Inclusion Professional Development program in collaboration with CETL. This program works to ensure the continued betterment and progression of everyone in our SWOSU community.

Participants will be recognized for their efforts as they help continue SWOSU’s mission of being a welcoming space for all. I encourage you to review the attachment for more information about the contents of these opportunities.

The Program

Tier 3 – Common Concepts of Diversity & Inclusivity - Joshua Engle, Dean of Students

Concepts to be covered:

  • Equity
  • Unconscious (Implicit) Bias
  • Intersectionality
  • Privilege

Tier 2 – Appreciating Differences: Diversity & Inclusivity (After completing Tier 3, faculty and staff are encouraged to complete three Tier 2 professional development opportunities). Content of Tier 2 workshops may include supportive data, common vocabulary and concepts utilized when understanding diversity, and common experiences of diverse populations.

Programs offered:

  • International Students at SWOSU – An Opportunity to Participate in Our World! – Dr. Randy Beckloff, International Student Affairs Director
  • Best Practices in Supporting LGBTQ Students – Dr. Elaine Davies, Department of Art, Communication & Theatre and GSM Project
  • Micro-aggressions – Dr. Veronica Aguinaga, Department of Education and Natanya Hernandez, Multicultural Program Coordinator
  • Understanding experiences of veteran and military students – Dr. Todd Wiggen, Department of Business & Computer Science
  • Inclusive Instruction: Disability Accommodation & Support – Joshua Engle, Dean of Students
  • Mindful Inclusion: Developing Racial Awareness in the College Classroom – Natasha Tinsley, Assistant Professor, Department of Language & Literature

Tier 1 – Supportive Spaces: Diversity & Inclusivity (After completing Tier 3 and Tier 2, Faculty and Staff can be recognized for their efforts by developing or changing an already existing program to enhance or further support diverse student populations.) Program proposals should be submitted to the Dean of Students.

  • Submit for approval a proposal to implement a campus program that:
  • Is self-sustaining
  • Furthers SWOSU’s mission statement by supporting a diverse student population(s)
  • Is developed and overseen by someone who has completed Tier 2 requirements.
  • Submit a proposal to the Dean of Students that changes an already existing program to provide a significantly more inclusive environment.