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COVID-19 Positive Test Form

As we monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation, we continue to review general guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as we consider appropriate measures to minimize the risks to our students and employees while maintaining our core services. The University will continue to monitor closely the status of COVID-19’s spread and will regularly communicate any additional University decisions. General guidance for all students and employees can be found on this guidance page.

Please use this form to submit reports of students you know have tested positive for COVID-19. The Dean of Students office provides support to these students as well as tracks their recovery. All student health information remains confidential.

COVID-19 Conduct Response Form

In the event a student refuses or neglects to wear the face coverings described in this policy, Faculty may respond by offering a verbal or written warning for the first offense and/or by asking the non-compliant student to leave the classroom until they have the proper face coverings. Failure to comply with requests from faculty, or repeated non-compliance of this policy, may result in a referral to the Dean of Students office for non-academic misconduct and may result in disciplinary sanctions. For a list of disciplinary sanctions, please review Disciplinary Sanctions.

Behavior / Concern

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit a report to the Dean of Students if they have concern for the wellbeing of someone on campus. Concerns for significant mental health, medical and personal issues can be submitted using this form. Concerning, risky, or violent behaviors displayed by students may be reported using this form.

Title IX – Harassment, Discrimination,
and Sexual Assault Reporting

Please use the forms below if you’d like to report incidents of harassment, discrimination or sexual assault. All reports are sent directly to the Title IX Coordinator to review.

Compassionate Leave/Withdrawal

Southwestern Oklahoma State University recognizes that students experience unforeseen and challenging circumstances that may impact their academic progress. With this in mind, the university offers the Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal policy to provide opportunities to students experiencing significantly challenging medical, mental, or personal circumstances.