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About Retention Management

SWOSU’s Office of Retention Management is designed to help students access the University resources available to them for the purpose of maximizing their academic success. Our aim is to focus on each student’s strengths while addressing any weaknesses that may be counterproductive to achieving their scholastic goals.


The Office of Retention Management is dedicated to assisting students in attaining their academic goals. We are committed to helping students access the resources they need to facilitate their success.


Academic Hold Course

The Office of Retention Management oversees the Academic Hold course required for enrollment for all students continuing on Academic Probation or returning from an Academic Suspension. The course involves three modules designed to inform students about campus policies related to Satisfactory Academic Progress and how to return to good standing. Please contact the Office of Retention Management if you have questions about the course.

Early Alert Grading

Midterm grading of general education courses for students earning a D,F, or U is coordinated through the Office of Retention Management. Each student is contacted with available resources and encouraged to contact their instructor and advisor for additional academic support. Students are made aware of optional one-on-one Mentor Meetings with Academic Coaches in the office.

Academic Coaching

Graduate assistants support the Office of Retention Management in the instruction of College Success courses. The GAs conduct academic coaching in one-on-one and group settings with College Success students to assist in the identification of strengths as well as to address and correct academic weaknesses. The GA are knowledgeable regarding campus services available to students and conduct appropriate referrals as needed.

Campus Referrals

Staff and students in the Office of Retention Management are knowledgeable about support services available to students both on and off campus. If needed, students coming in for services may receive appropriate referrals and support in contacting resources on campus to address their needs.

Faculty Referrals

Faculty are encouraged to refer students to the Office of Retention Management if they have concerns about a student. A staff member in the Office of Retention Management will attempt to contact the student and address the faculty person’s concerns. Students will be offered Mentor Meetings and given referrals to other on-campus services as needed.


Contact Information

Dr. Wendy Yoder, Academic Support Center Director
STF 253 | 580.774.6037
Fax: 580.774.6038