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Staying Calm while Taking a Test

Be Prepared

  • If your instructor doesn't address the kinds of questions as well as the chapter and term content of the test, find out ahead of time. Prepare six to eight single-word outlines for expected essay questions and memorize that outline. When you go into a test prepared, you can use this as an, “I got this,” affirmation.
  • Keep a regular schedule and get plenty of sleep the night before the test.
  • Eat healthy and exercise — when you feel better you are more positive about life outlooks.
  • Practice affirmations and positive thinking: tape some affirmations on your computer, around your room.
  • Realize that you will learn for all results, even bad ones. While you should strive for your best work, balance your thinking with the realization that this is just one test.
  • If test taking is a consistent problem, ensure that you are shoring up your grade by maximizing all other opportunities to gain points.
  • Watch for redo points and analyze any problem areas so that you will be prepared for that type of question and content in future tests.