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How to Control Your Study Environment

We all know our comfort levels when studying, but did you know that are things you can subtly do to enhance your studying success?

Try these tips:

  • Find a consistent space to use for studying and don’t allow other distractions (such as social media, television, or people) to invade that space. Realize that when you are in that space you have a job to do and that space is not for downtime.
  • Be aware that sounds and noise levels can disrupt your studying and comprehension. While some studies show that white noise or soft background music can enhance task progress, popular music is typically an opportunity for distractions. In addition, unintended distractions such as pets and children are not planned for, but can significantly impede effectiveness. Scholars must be honest with themselves about their wish for distractions and control or plan for quiet time.
  • Identify the activities that are contributing to time waste. For one week, honestly keep track of the amount of time you engage with social media, take naps, or play online or video games. The results may be surprising. Therefore, you need to set up an intervention to counteract your problem area. For example, maybe working early in the morning, turning off your phone, or locking up gaming devices until after the big test will help you avoid a certain distraction.
  • Organize your notes and computer files. Many times students view an assignment or paper as a one-time submission, and do not take care in saving the document or storing it in a logically named folder. A wise practice is to reuse old assignments by reflecting on them, or extending into related areas to further develop your knowledge base.
  • Develop your confidence level. By studying, you are taking proactive measures to better yourself and carve out a future career for yourself. When you study and prepare for class, you are showing yourself and others that you care about the commitment you’ve made to education. So, hold your head up high and know that even difficult subjects can be tackled, one step at a time.