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Study Skills Checklist

Add up your total points to find out where you rate in personal study habits. Use what you learn to improve your skills. If you are already great at studying (like, you rated a 6+) then find out how you can share your knowledge with your peers.

Note Taking & Preparation

(-1) I only have a few sentences of notes after each class.
(-1) If the teacher doesn't offer PowerPoint slides, I don’t have much in the way of notes.
(+1) Since my notes can be difficult to understand, I rewrite them as soon as possible after class as that is when my memory of the lecture is freshest.
(-1) I don’t take notes from book chapters.
(+1) I outline the chapter in preparation for class by using section headings and bolded keywords to indication important themes.
(+1) I log into Canvas regularly to verify assignment deadlines.


(-1) I do not read the chapter before class.
(-1) I usually cram for tests the night before.
(+1) To better remember what I've read in the textbook, I try associating images, infographics or look at related websites on the topic.
(-1) I do not know how to pick out important terms or ideas in the textbook.
(-1) I know handouts the instructor provides are just as important as to read as the textbook.


(-1) I need my phone, radio and TV to study nearly every time.
(-1) It’s hard to get motivated to reread a chapter.
(+2) I’ve adopted a cubicle in the library as my own at least four nights a week for at least two hours.
(-1) When class is boring, I usually doodle, daydream or fall asleep.
(+1) I’ve invented little tricks... like taking a five-minute hoops break or rewarding myself with one Hershey’s Kiss™ after I read and outline a chapter section.


(-1) I spend too much time studying for what I am learning.
(+1) I’m studying more than I did in high school and devoting some time every other day on a long-term project due at the end of the semester.
(-1) I drive to school then go to work off campus, so I don’t have time to go to a study group.
(+1) After team sports, I go to Study Hall and sit next to people I know are hard workers.
(-1) Writing Center? I did not know that we have one.

Note Testing & Exams

(+1) I’m confident that I understanding the range of topics that the test will cover so I never feel blindsided.
(-1) I lose a lot of points on essay tests even when I know the material well.
(-1) I study enough for my test, but when I get there my mind goes blank.
(+1) When I know a test will have an essay, I prepare an outline of six to eight single words and memorize than so I have a basis for the essay and won’t freeze.


(-1) I often find myself getting lost in the details of reading and have trouble identifying the main ideas. (+1) I change my reading speed in response to the difficulty level of the selection, or my familiarity with the content.
(-1) I often wish that I could read faster.

Writing Skills

(-1) When my teachers assign papers I feel so overwhelmed that I can't get started.
(+1) I visit the Writing Center to brainstorm ideas for my paper.
(-1) I can't seem to organize my thoughts into a paper that makes sense.


(-8 to -18) 
Look at our Study Skills Self-help Information for those categories

(-7 to -1)
Try selecting just one area for improvement and work consistently to better yourself in that one area

(0 – 5)
You are well on the way to study success, but continue to monitor your habits and grades for potential tweaking down the line.

Consider becoming a tutor, Writing Center peer reviewer or Student Success Center study group peer to help others and expand your leadership skills.