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Travel Reimbursement Guide and Rates

Travel reimbursement is made for required travel on state business on a pre-approved basis. A travel request form must be completed and approved prior to reimbursement. This form includes the approving signatures and the required budget information. Out-of-state trips require approval by one of the following: Provost, V.P. for Administration & Finance, Athletic Director or President, recommended 30 days in advance. Forward your request to the person your area reports to on the organizational chart. Send approved original to the Business Affairs Office.

Reimbursement for per diem (meals & incidentals) is normally only allowed during overnight travel. Reimbursement for per diem and lodging shall not begin more than twenty-four hours before or continue more than twenty-four hours after the meeting times, unless a documented saving on an airline ticket purchase is involved. If the travel is during the weekend or holiday, reimbursement will be allowed forty-eight to seventy-two hours before and after meeting times. Documentation for lodging must be by itemized paid receipt from the hotel showing the single room rate and a zero balance. If a zero balance is not reflected on the receipt, a copy of the credit card receipt or a copy (front and back) of the personal check after clearing the bank will be required for reimbursement. Rates for per diem and lodging are listed below. If hotel is designated by the conference, the actual rate will be reimbursed, not to exceed the single room rate if proper conference documentation is submitted. For each full course meal provided (e.g. luncheon, banquet) deduct ¼ days of total per diem rate. Documentation for meals provided and also if no meals are provided, if available, is required.

Maximum per diem (meals) rates will vary depending on the location of travel. *All other areas use the federal standard rates as follows:

  • 1 Day / 21 1/4 - 24 Hours $ 46.00 (effective 10/1/09)
  • 3/4 Day / 15 1/4 - 21 Hours $ 34.50
  • 1/2 Day / 9 1/4 - 15 Hours $ 23.00
  • 1/4 Day / 3 1/4 - 9 Hours $ 11.50
  • 0 - 3 Hours $ 0.00

If claimant stays with friends or relatives instead of a hotel, he/she may claim per diem (meals) in lieu of lodging. An additional $10.00 per day may be added to per diem on areas where rates vary depending on the location of travel. *All other areas use the following rates:

  • 1 Day / 21 1/4 - 24 Hours $ 56.00 (effective 10/1/09)
  • 3/4 Day/ 15 1/4 - 21 Hours $ 42.00
  • 1/2 Day/ 9 1/4 - 15 Hours $ 28.00
  • 1/4 Day/ 3 1/4 - 9 Hours $ 14.00
  • 0 - 3 Hours $ 0.00

Rates for Lodging Reimbursement (Single Room Rate)

Maximum lodging rates will vary depending on location of travel. *All other areas use the maximum federal standard rate of $83.00 per day. Conference site or designated lodging is the maximum of actual motel cost.

*For listing of per diem and lodging rates at various locations within the continental U.S. (conus) go to the following website:

(These may include "per diem localities with county definitions" meaning the suburb of a major city or boundary of the listed county will apply.)

Domestic Perdiem Rates (Scroll down - click on this)

Description Rate
Mileage reimbursement for privately owned vehicles (1/1/2015) $0.575 per mile
Mileage rate for university car $0.560 per mile
Mileage rate for university van $0.800 per mile
Mileage rate for university bus (14 passenger)
Minimum $20 charge for use of a university vehicle
$0.900 per mile

For all out-of-state travel by way of personal automobile, a comparison between air travel and ground travel will be required. The maximum reimbursement will be the lesser of the ground or air travel. Reimbursement may be made for the cost of registration, airport shuttle/taxi, business phone calls/faxes, gas receipts for University vehicle or rental car, parking fees, airfare, airport parking and tolls. Reimbursement for a rental car is made only for official use. Mileage is paid on Oklahoma state map distances with allowances for vicinity travel. Accurate record of actual miles and departure and return times are required. After completion of travel, an individual may request assistance from the department secretary or Business Affairs Office Travel Clerk to file a State of Oklahoma Travel Voucher. All travel claims must be signed by the claimant in ink after being completed. Please verify all information such as tag number, social security number, claim amount, etc. Verify if University vehicle or personal vehicle is used and if mileage should/shouldn’t be claimed. Send completed reimbursement form and all original receipts to the Business Affairs Office. You should expect your travel check in approximately 7 to 10 business days after filing your claim.

For general and detailed policies go to 

Revised May, 2015