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Fine Arts Center Policy

The space and facilities of Southwestern Oklahoma State University 's Fine Arts auditorium is intended primarily for the support of university-sponsored activities. The auditorium is designed to serve as an instructional facility and as a cultural center for the development of quality activities for Western Oklahoma . Activities unrelated to achieving the mission of the university will not be considered, and priority consideration will be given to the following in the order listed:

  1. Special University events.
  2. Instructional activities in the performing arts (Music and Theatre Departments).
  3. Instructional, educational, and cultural activities (Sponsored by the University).
  4. Registered university organizations’ activities.
  5. Non-university educational organizations’ activities.
  6. Community events.

The above priorities fulfill one of the stated purposes of the university: "Serving as a cultural center for Western Oklahoma , providing diversity in cultural experiences and developing awareness of and appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the region."

  1. The university reserves the right to approve or disapprove any given application for auditorium use.
  2. Solicitation is prohibited on the property, campus, or grounds of Southwestern Oklahoma State University except in those cases authorized in writing by the Vice President for Administration and Finance.
  3. By signing the application the sponsoring department or organizations acknowledges that the program is related to their stated mission, that they will abide by all pertinent regulations and policies and that they agree to be held responsible for any damages to the premises.
  4. Exclusive scheduling will be given to SWOSU departments, organizations, etc. until the fifteenth day of September annually. After the fifteenth day of September, scheduling will be opened to non-university organizations and community events. Scheduling will then be made on a first-come, first-serve basis with consideration given to how closely related the program is to the mission of the University.
  5. Facility fees will be based upon cost of technical personnel, supervision services, security services, overhead costs, and any other support services required.
  6. Any charges will be paid prior to the activity excluding those accrued for tech personnel which will be due after the show is loaded out. Payments are to be made to the SWOSU Bursar, room 109 in the Administration Building.
  7. Campus Security will be employed at the user's expense when the university feels their services are needed.
  8. Food or drink will not be allowed in the auditorium or lobby. Alcoholic beverages and controlled, dangerous substances (drugs) are specifically banned. Tobacco is not permitted in the Fine Arts Center.
  9. Performers may have refreshments in the dressing rooms. If there is a problem with refreshments being taken out of the dressing rooms, this privilege will be revoked.
  10. The SWOSU sponsoring organization is required to provide a house crew, which will be responsible to the Fine Arts Center House Manager.
  11. Only Fine Arts Center employees are authorized to operate the auditorium equipment.
  12. Any non-campus users must consent to hire an appropriate number of assistants approved by the Fine Arts/Conference Center Director to operate University auditorium equipment.
  13. If a SWOSU sponsoring department or organization is contracting with an off-campus individual or group, a copy of the technical rider must accompany the application.
  14. Do not sign a contract or advertise the activity until application for auditorium usage has been approved.
  15. If technical requirements are complicated or questionable, make an appointment with the Fine Arts/Conference Center Director to discuss your needs.

The Southwestern Oklahoma State University Fine Arts Center, which seats 1376, may be scheduled for appropriate events. Approval of individual applications will be based upon the appropriateness of the activity in relation to the university's mission. Approval or non-approval will be at the sole discretion of the university. The Fine Arts/Conference Center Director has the primary authority to commit the facility.

To obtain an application:

  1. Pick up an application form in the Fine Arts Center Office #3.
  2. Call 580.774.3705 and have an application mailed to you.
  3. On the Web at

Organizations will receive a copy of the application form upon approval of activity. Notice of cancellation given within five (5) working days will insure a fee refund.

App. Summer 2004