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Policy on Campus Security

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies on Campus

Reports of criminal actions or other emergencies occurring on the Southwestern Oklahoma State University campus should be made to the campus Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 580.774.3111, who will respond in accordance with established law enforcement procedures. Victims of serious crimes may request support personnel such as ministers and counselors during and after reporting.

Security of Facilities and Access to Residences

Security is provided in the maintenance of the University's facilities through a number of mechanisms, including limitations on hours of operation, policies on keys, restricting access to those not bearing appropriate identification as University staff or students, and the provision of adequate lighting. Security precautions are on file in respective offices for the various types of facilities at SWOSU. A guide for living in residence halls is given to each student residing in the halls.

The campus DPS performs building checks and lockups on all campus buildings at scheduled times seven days per week, 365 days per year. Students may be authorized to be in a building after lockup, if under the direct supervision or written permission, by a permit card, of an authorized faculty or staff employee.

Security Procedures and Practices

The DPS is staffed by commissioned peace officers who meet the standards of the Oklahoma Council for Law Enforcement Education and Training and who have the power to arrest and bring before the proper courts persons violating the law on University property. The University's peace officers cooperate with local police authorities in the exercise of their responsibilities. It is the practice of the DPS to encourage accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to the DPS or the appropriate local police authorities.

Programs Related to Security Procedures and Practices

SWOSU provides information to students and employees about campus security procedures and practices, encourages them to be responsible for their own security and the security of others and informs them about the prevention of crime through regular programs and literature distribution.

The programs presented to students during the 2002-2003 academic year included the following: speakers, residence hall programs, videos, self-defense workshops, fire prevention, campus crime, safe sex, public service announcements and informational brochures.

Presentations by the University DPS are provided upon request to individual residence halls and the campus community on a regular, on-going basis. These presentations are also made by student organizations having speakers or panel discussions on topics related to safety and security. Last year these activities included the role and services of the University DPS addressing alcohol awareness, date rape and sexual assault prevention, domestic abuse, crime prevention and illegal drugs.

Freshman orientation offers written material to incoming freshman students focusing on acquaintance rape, student safety on campus and building safety.

Printed materials are distributed to students living in residence halls and off campus and include the Residence Halls Handbook and Student Handbook, which provide security policy information to students. Policy and training information is conducted regularly for University employees regarding emergency situations including building evacuation, emergency rescue procedures, etc.

Cooperation with Area Police Agencies

SWOSU cooperates with local police authorities to monitor and record information concerning criminal activity occurring away from the campus, but involving University students or recognized student organizations.