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Food Truck Policy

  1. All food trucks must meet the following minimum requirements and documents must be submitted to Auxiliary Services at least one week in advance of the event:
    1. A certificate of insurance that shows current general automobile liability and workers compensation insurance.
    2. Current county public health permit.
    3. Submit a site plan where the truck will be parked; parking only permitted in designated parking areas (never on the grass).
  2. Student groups must complete a green sheet, have it signed by Auxiliary Services Director, and turned in to the Dean of Students office.
  3. Group or department must have a plan for trash receptacles and other necessary items and clean up all debris.
  4. No alcohol can be served on campus or at a student sponsored event.
  5. Trucks must be self-contained and able to provide necessary power and running water.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University
100 Campus Drive
Weatherford, OK 73096

(Policy approved April 2017)