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Cultural & Social Diversity Policy

The General Education (GE) Curriculum at SWOSU will prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of life beyond the university experience. Graduates should leave SWOSU with a broad knowledge of the social and natural world, a keen sense of self, an awareness of their membership in a global society, and an understanding of what it means to be thoughtful and responsible citizens.

As part of the GE curriculum, undergraduate students at SWOSU are required to complete three semester hours in the Humanities. Courses approved to satisfy this requirement have documented student learner outcomes that correlate with GE Goal Four.

Goal Four - Social Groups, Social Issues, Cultures & Globalization

Rationale: Educated citizens should be able to discern and reflect upon the broader impact of their individual actions.

  1. Think critically about issues such as globalization, sustainability, multiculturalism, political and governmental context, difference/similarity, prejudice and discrimination within a global context.
  2. Apply social/cultural theories and perspectives to past and present societies and their impact on real-life circumstances.
  3. Display knowledge and understanding of international interaction and strategies to enhance global integration.
  4. Exhibit knowledge of a variety of cultures, including both majority and non-majority groups, and their interconnectedness within U.S. and global society.