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Canvas Faculty Resources

How do I log into Canvas for the first time what will my username and password be?

On SWOSU's homepage, sign in to Single Sign On using your username and password. For assistance with Single Sign On contact ITS (Information Technology Services) by calling their help desk at 580.774.7070,, or going by STF 246

Your Canvas account is automatically activated and available when you teach for SWOSU; instructors automatically receive a Canvas course shell for each course they are teaching. Students are automatically added to Canvas courses when they register. 


Copyright Law explained by Disney characters. Enjoy!

Fair use video from CIS Stanford Center for Internet and Society. Enjoy!


Course shells are added and enrollments are active. Students won’t have access to your courses until you Publish them. Follow these instructions for Publishing your courses.

24/7 Canvas Support

SWOSU now has 24/7 Tier 1 Canvas Support.  If you are experiencing an issue, please call the Canvas Support Hotline while in your course, click on the Help link and either 1) Chat Live with Canvas Support or 2) click on Report a Problem.  Be sure to be very specific with what is happening as it will help Canvas Support to diagnosis the issue.  For self-help options with Canvas, please search the Canvas guides at  These are each a great way to get answers quickly.

Canvas: Course shells for all courses are created when the semester course schedule has been uploaded, and students are enrolled in the courses when they enroll for the semester. If courses need to be crosslisted (merged) or decrosslisted (separated), please complete fully either the Request to DECROSS-LIST Course Sections (separate course sections) or the Request to CROSS-LIST Course Sections (course merge). Both forms are located in Faculty Commons in Canvas.

Canvas settings allow instructors to add other instructors, Course Designers, or TAs to their courses. This can be done from the People link in the left navigation of your course. As long as the instructor has a Canvas account, you can add them to your course and do not need to submit a request to add them.

Faculty Commons

Faculty Commons is a learning resource for faculty. To access Faculty Commons, log in to Canvas and check out your list of courses. Faculty Commons contains a wealth of resources, including tip sheets and tutorials, templates, and content you can share with students

Canvas Training for Instructors

Call 580.774.3149 to schedule one-on-one Canvas training. There are Canvas training videos in Faculty Commons Under Canvas Training.  While it is possible to learn Canvas through practice and self-study, our training offerings include information specific to our processes, as well as valuable tips and tricks we’ve learned.

Canvas Orientation for Students

Students should access Resources for Student Success from the course navigation bar in any of their Canvas courses. Students who need additional support are welcome to visit us in HEC 210 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Video & Multimedia

A few video creation programs to help interested faculty in producing video to support your teaching and your students' learning.  Work with us to determine which tool works best for you.

  • Films on Demand is a web-based digital video subscription with thousands of videos available for in-class use and remote viewing.  Save your video library lists and embed them into your Canvas courses.
  • MonoSnap - free screen capture video and create quick screencasts.
  • You can utilize all the YouTube options at your fingertips. You can even use a feature called Video Everywhere in Canvas, record, publish and share with your students in an instance.
  • Once you have your video produced and if you choose to have it podcast. Contact ITS for a Dropbox license and save your video in your dropbox to be linked to Canvas.  Contact CETL’s IT Support Specialist if you need help.
  • Pixlr is free web-based photo editing tool. You can upload your image, make edit and grab it from the web.
  • Jing is a free tool for screen capture and short video creation. Super easy and super effective.
  • Snagit is a part of TechSmith suite of video creation tools. It's a tool to screen snag and built simple video. It can be tried for Free.
  • Screencast-O-Matic is a free screen capture for both Mac and PC. It is a one click, short clip video creation that you can utilize at your own pace.
  • Screen casting tool is completely free. It's a web-based screen recorder. With just one click to capture screen and voice to share with a link.
  • Audacity is a free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for download. You can import/export using many different file types. Editing is just easy as cut, copy and paste.
  • VoiceThread is now integrated into Canvas. Log in to Canvas to set up your account.


With today, technology emerging in such a fast pace, we at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning never stop exploring the best and trending technology tools available out in the higher ed world to bring them to you.  While classroom technology is evolving, online classes are moving forward in the fast pace.  The following are some of the tools that we find can help you improve your class in many different ways.

  • Dropbox - allows you to store your data for free starting with 2BG storage.  You can access anywhere there is Internet connection.  Forgot your flash drive, not a problem.  It is on the cloud!  Faculty will need to contact ITS to register for a Dropbox account.
  • Evernote - a digital note taking tool, store, sync and share anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Facebook - a social media site that you can use for your class.
  • Twitter - an online social networking tool.  It is all text based, limited to 140 characters in length.  You can follow what is most important to you. 
  • Google Docs - allows you to create work online, share and collaborate.  You can access your document include but not limited to Sheets (Excel), Docs (Word Document), Slides (PowerPoint) and Forms anywhere.  It is on the cloud!