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Athletic & Spirit Marks

The SWOSU Athletic and Spirit marks are the primary logos used by the University’s Athletic Department for sanctioned sports and for use in more friendly and casual circumstances when a bolder, more informal appearance is desired. The SWOSU Athletic and Spirit marks should never be used to substitute the SWOSU Academic wordmarks in formal academic or administrative documents, settings and applications. The SWOSU Athletic and Spirit marks may be used by non-athletic departments of the University for promotional items with a spirit theme and for advertising/ marketing when applicable.

These marks were created to provide a consistent spirit brand for the University and feature several variations to maximize usage flexibility. While the athletic and spirit marks may be sized appropriately for the specific use, the proportions of their individual elements cannot be altered. They must be displayed in designated official colors. All marks must be reproduced from official artwork available through the Office of Public Relations and Marketing.

The Bulldog Body and Bulldog Head logos may be used independently in secondary applications when the name of the University has already been established graphically or in title. They may also be used in conjunction with the SWOSU Academic wordmark, but must be separated providing the adequate clear space as established in this manual.

The SWOSU Athletic and Spirit marks are registered and trademarked properties. Any alteration, modification, or unapproved usage of these wordmarks and logos is strictly prohibited. Please contact the Office of Public Relations and Marketing for usage and approval.

Preferred Spirit Mark

Bulldog Head + SWOSU Wordmark


spirit-2 spirit-3
Bulldog Body + SWOSU Wordmark Bulldog Body
spirit-4 spirit-5
SWOSU Wordmark Bulldog Head


Full Color Configuration


Full Color Usage On Dark Backgrounds

The SWOSU Athletic and Spirit marks are often used on a dark background or dark field of color. To allow for adequate distinguishable, the logos have been given a thin white outline. This logo set is required for all applications on darker backgrounds or dark fields of color when a full color logo is desired.


Single Color Configurations





Bulldog Blue


Bulldog Gray


Minimum Clear Space Requirements

When logo mark implementation is intended for stand alone use on solid or near solid fields of color, a minimum clear space is required. This spacing is uniform on all sides of the logo.

spirit-12 spirit-13 spirit-14
  spirit-15 spirit-16

For more information on logos, trademarks, usage and licensing with Southwestern Oklahoma State University, please contact the Office of Public Relations and Marketing or SWOSU Graphic Design.

Office of Public Relations and Marketing
p: 580.774.3063
f: 580.774.7117