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A Message from the President

With Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) forging new educational frontiers in our second century, it is crucial we communicate a clear and concise image of our University. The implementation of a Brand Standards Manual with policies and procedures for logo and symbol usage is important in moving SWOSU forward as a modern, thriving university. What's more brand uniformity makes SWOSU recognizable and benefits our marketing campaigns and all the conduits of the university.

The Manual comes with our branding campaign, “The focus is you.” After an external and internal research study, SWOSU’s key benefits and the aspirations of  undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students were combined to present SWOSU to a new generation.

The result of the study and the creative direction is a focus on the student as an individual. This also shows how SWOSU’s faculty and community help the student achieve his/her personal best and prepare for the future; personalized attention to individual student needs, goals, and aspirations is a hallmark of the SWOSU educational experience.

One of the changes noted in the Manual is the guidance on pronouncing the term “SWOSU;” it is correctly pronounced “SWAH – SU,” as our moniker. As opposed to “Southwestern,” SWOSU is  modern, streamlined, interesting, and easy to remember. It also makes clear that SWOSU, rather than being limited in its scope and impact to southwest Oklahoma, is a truly global university that engages students, faculty, alumni, emeriti, and friends around the world.

SWOSU has an academic signature logo to be used in all promotion of the university. Using “SWOSU” accentuates our reference to our university. A “swoosh” icon is added around the “O” to symbolize our constant state of motion. The words “Southwestern Oklahoma State University” are  positioned below the main icon. Corporate identity pieces have been created using our new logo and we deploy these pieces in recruitment, marketing, and fundraising communications.

Over the last hundred years, many bulldogs have been used as our symbol. As you will see in our “Athletic/Spirit” logo, we created one dog and logo for usage in the promotion of student activities and athletic/spirit programs. This is a trademarked logo that cannot be used without the written consent of SWOSU. In a very limited number of situations, certain “heritage” versions of SWOSU’s branding or iconography may be used that incorporate elements that are no longer in use; these scenarios are very rare, and all require an initial proposal to be submitted to the SWOSU Office of Institutional Advancement with final approval needed from the SWOSU Office of Public Relations & Marketing.

As a member of the University family, you share in the responsibility to ensure compliance with the Brand Standards Manual.  I know that you will join me in embracing these important standards with pride as we continue to build public awareness of what SWOSU has to offer.

Thank you for your assistance and support in promoting the SWOSU brand and preserving its integrity.

Dr. Diana R. Lovell, President
Southwestern Oklahoma State University