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The Foundation

For nearly four decades the SWOSU Foundation has worked tirelessly to help Southwestern raise the resources needed for the university to advance beyond what is possible with state funds. Explore the many ways you can join in this great cause!

The Alumni Association

Since Southwestern's establishment in 1901 our alumni and emeriti have made a positive impact on the world around them while keeping each other connected to "The Hilltop." Get involved with your alma mater now!

What are the differences in the SWOSU Foundation & the SWOSU Alumni Association?

Simply put, the foundation raises funds to benefit SWOSU, and the alumni association "raises friends" to benefit SWOSU. Each organization is a separate legal entity — a 501 (c) (3) — from the university. Each is a public charity and each works to strengthen SWOSU. The foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, while the alumni association is governed by a Board of Directors. The staff who work for both organizations are shared by both orgs and by the university under annually reviewed and renewed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs).

How do I get involved in the Alumni Association?

SWOSU Alumni Association Membership Dues Yearly: $35 Three Year: $100 Lifetime Single: $375 Lifetime Couple: $600 Become a dues-paying member and access all member benefits. Make your personal or business check payable to: SWOSU Alumni Association 100 Campus Dr. Weatherford, OK 73096.

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