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Group Insurance

The Board of Regents provides group insurance pursuant to action. Typically, the Board has provided health, life, and long-term disability coverage. The provisions for insurance coverage are subject to change. A copy of the coverage for each year, as provided by the Board, is maintained in the Human Resources Office. Copies are made available to all employees. Coverage is also discussed in the Board of Regents Policy Manual.

All full-time employees who are actively at work full-time and for full-time pay on the effective date of the policy or are on an officially approved leave of absence are eligible for coverage. All new employees become eligible for all insurance except Long-Term Disability on the first day of the month coincident with or following their date of full-time employment. For purposes of insurance eligibility, "full-time" is defined as at least 75 percent of full-time equivalent. (Pursuant to 70 OSA 3510(k), the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges provides, at employer expense, group long-term disability insurance coverage on all full-time employees after six months of continuous full-time employment.)

Employees may elect to purchase health insurance coverage for their dependents. The University will continue to pay the group health insurance premiums and the group life insurance premiums for the retiring employee until Medicare eligible. The retiring employee will have the option of continuing to pay group health insurance premiums for her/his dependents until the employee reaches Medicare eligibility. Eligibility for this benefit is defined in the Regents' Policy Manual. (See Retirement Policy.)

Regular, full-time faculty have continuous coverage regardless of summer appointment.