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Controlled Substance Policy


The primary objective of this policy is to provide guidelines for the safe practices involving controlled substance procurement, safe and secure storage, inventory and tracking, SDS access and disposal procedures for Southwestern Oklahoma State University also referred to as SWOSU. 

Ordering Controlled Substances

Chemical substances may only be procured and delivered through the Southwestern Oklahoma State University system by current members of faculty or staff for use in legitimate SWOSU activities, including but not limited to research and teaching laboratories.

To order any chemical a request must be approved by the department Chair or Dean. A purchase will be prepared by the purchasing agent for that department and will be ordered according to SWOSU purchasing guidelines.

Chemical substances funded through a Research Grant will be approved and ordered by the Principle Investigator; Dean or department Chair approval is not required. 

Safe & Secure Storage

All chemicals used in the chemistry and the biology departments are to be stored in compliance with all applicable SDS sheets, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 as well as Oklahoma Department of Labor Title 40 ss 401, SWOSU’s Hazard Communication Policy and SWOSU’s Chemical Hygiene Plan.

All chemicals are to be stored in a dedicated chemical store room. All store rooms are to be monitored and kept at proper temperature in accordance to all applicable SDS sheets.

All controlled Substances used in the Pharmacy department are to be stored in compliance with the procedures set forth by the State Board of Pharmacy Standards.

Storage rooms in all departments shall be locked when not in use. 

Inventory & Tracking of Controlled Substances:

All controlled substances contained within the SWOSU system shall be inventoried annually by each department and turned in to the Chemical Inventory Coordinator.

All collected Inventories shall be shared with the SWOSU Department of Public Service as well as the City of Weatherford Oklahoma Fire Department.

The inventory and tracking of all controlled substances shall be done from a centrally located inventory program.

SDS Access & Availability

All SDS sheets Shall be accessible to all Staff, Faculty and Students within the SWOSU web site through a third party online service. SDS hard copies of chemicals for each department are to be available during regular school hours.

Disposal of Controlled Substances

Once a year or as needed all chemicals that are to be disposed shall have a Chemical Disposal form filled out and turned into the Chemical Disposal Coordinators office. Once the form has been received the Coordinator will arrange for the movement of the waste to a selected storage area. The coordinator will work with the SWOSU Comptroller to arrange for a third party disposal company to remove the waste from campus.