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Driver's License Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline the requirements for all SWOSU employees who will operate any motor vehicle on SWOSU business.

SWOSU employees who operate a motor vehicle must have a valid driver’s license. The following are procedures to ensure adherence to the policy.

  • SWOSU shall conduct a driver’s license verification on new employees whose job will involve driving a university motor vehicle. SWOSU may conduct periodic license verification checks on employees that operate a SWOSU vehicle.
  • Any employee who is hired by SWOSU and holds a valid out of state license has 30 days to obtain a valid Oklahoma Driver’s License if they are required to drive a SWOSU vehicle.
  • With permission of the supervisor, Employees may operate a SWOSU vehicle that is rated less than fifteen passengers as long as they have a valid driver’s license issued by their state of residence and are at least 18 years of age. Employees must be 21 years of age to operate a 15 passenger vehicle and complete the 15 passenger vehicle training with the SWOSU Safety Coordinator. All international students must obtain a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Oklahoma.
  • Current employees who operate a University vehicle shall notify their supervisor upon notification from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety or any court that their driver’s license has been suspended or revoked or has in any way been modified or subjected to restrictions not previously known to the supervisor.
  • Oklahoma law requires anyone with a valid driver’s license who has taken legal action to change their name or has changed their mailing address must notify the Department of Public Safety and obtain a new driver’s License within 10 days. SWOSU employees will be expected to comply with this law.
  • If a current SWOSU employee’s license is suspended or revoked, expires or is subject to modification or restriction that employee will not be permitted to operate a university motor vehicle until the license is fully instated.