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Arrest Procedures

SWOSU Campus Police Officers shall maintain a rigid patrol of campus in an effort to prevent and deter crime and disorder. When officers observe an infraction of the law, immediate intervention should be implemented. When arrests are made, the arrested person(s) will be introduced into the Custer County Criminal Justice System as prescribed by the Custer County District Attorney's office or the Weatherford Municipal Court System.

Arrest Involving Classrooms and the Academic Endeavor

Make every reasonable attempt to contact the individuals at their place of residence. However, from time to time it is necessary to locate and / or detain a student attending classes on campus. Under such conditions, care must be exercised to avoid undue interruption of scheduled classes. The basic guidelines for contacting or removal of students from classrooms shall be:

Contact the class instructor immediately prior to convening of class, inform him of the purpose, and request his assistance in pointing out the individual. Should the person already be in the classroom, request the instructor to tell the individual someone needs to see him / her in the hallway.