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October 2021 - Healthy Lung Month

October Is Healthy Lung Month!

Often, we don’t think about the 24/7 task of breathing until we have trouble doing so. The leading cause of preventable of lung disease in the United States continues to be tobacco use.

Smoking can attribute to many types of cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and many other deadly diseases. Smoking also causes harm to almost every organ within our bodies.

Here is a video about How Smoking Impacts Your Lung Health from the American Lung Association. There are also many resources available on the American Lung Association’s website on smoking facts and for help to quit smoking now.

Other Ways to Improve Lung Health

Other ways we can improve our lung health is by dusting our homes, washing blankets/sheets frequently, getting rugs cleans, keeping our animals brushed and bathed. Also switching out household cleaners to gentler and less-toxic options and using proper precautions when cleaning with them. By doing these things allergens within our homes decrease.

With Covid-19 continuing to be in full force and primarily affecting the respiratory system what a better time than now to help protect yourself and give yourself a better chance than by improving your lung health.

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