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Paper Review
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FREE 24/7 Online Paper Review for SWOSU Students

1 Check Your E-mail

Get notified when there is activity on your submission

If a tutor requests more information, or if you document is finished, you’ll get e-mail notifications letting you know you should log in.


be-specific2 Be Specific

Let you tutor know what you need help with.

Make sure to fill out the “Description” and “Reason” sections with detail about your paper and what you need someone to look at it for. That way they can give tailored information to what you need.




3 Read Your Review

Log in to get your feedback.

Click on the “View” button next to your submission, and download your review from the Activity tab.





4 Message Your Tutor

Get your questions answered.

Message the person who worked on your submission by clicking on the “View” button next to your submission.


5 Let Us Know!

Tell us about your experience.

Did you think the review was helpful? E-mail us at and let us know what you think!

If you have any questions or are having trouble using Upswing, feel free to reach out to Steve Ray ( or 580.774.3147) or e-mail Upswing directly at

SWOSU on-campus Writing Center hours are available by going to the Writing Center page. The Writing Center is located in the Al Harris Library Basement-B3. Students working on papers, speeches, or presentations may stop by and see a Writing Center consultant.

Call 580.774.7083 to ask for an appointment or e-mail