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Purchase Card FAQs

  1. Transaction Limits? — No single transaction shall exceed $1,000 (Exceptions granted on a departmental basis.)

  2. Multiple purchases to the same vendor or multiple vendors for the same product? — Purchases may not be split in order to decrease the amount of purchase to an amount small enough to be considered a small order purchase. (This practice is prohibited by state law and is a felony when done to evade the bidding process.)

  3. Sales tax exemptions? — All purchases are sales tax exempt. If sales taxes are charged you are responsible to get the tax charges reversed. (Wal-Mart requires their sales tax exemption card be presented with each purchase.)

  4. Restricted items? — This card cannot be used for travel expenses, registrations, postage, gift certificates, gasoline, meals, or any personal items.

  5. Receipts? — You must get a receipt for each transaction. (If a company tells you they can’t issue a receipt, don’t use that company.) The receipt must clearly indicate what you purchased and the price, packing slips aren't acceptable. Write the account code, small purchase order number, and sign each receipt. Hold the receipts until you get the monthly statement.

  6. Monthly statements? — When you get the monthly statement, attach the receipts and send to the business office promptly, there is a short turn around time for payment. Keep this in mind during semester breaks, please.

  7. Lost cards or unauthorized charges? — Call the business office immediately.

  8. Other issues? — Please call the business office, most issues can be handled through the card administrator; do not call the card issuer directly.