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Commencement Instructions

1. Lineup for graduates is 30 minutes before each ceremony.
2. You should be dressed in your regalia when you arrive. Signs will direct you to the correct line by major, and you should arrange yourselves in alphabetical order by last name within each line.
3. Wear your tassel on the right side of your cap. At the appropriate time in the ceremony, you will be asked to move it to the left side symbolizing the completion of your degree.
4. Once in line, a faculty member will give you a card with your information on it. If necessary, please correct your information on this card. You will keep the card until you go across the stage.
5. During the processional, follow the instructions of the faculty marshals. When you reach your seat, you may be seated. You will receive your diploma in the order listed in the program.
6. Graduates will be called to the stage in the order listed in the program. Faculty marshals will direct you to the stage. As you approach the stage, give your information card to the assistant. Proceed across the stage when your name is called.
7. Your diploma cover will be handed to you as you enter the stage. Faculty marshals will assist you back to your seats.
8. When all diplomas have been presented and the commencement exercises are completed, you will be dismissed. You may exit the seating area when the Recessional music begins.
9. As a courtesy to those receiving their diplomas after you, please ask your relatives and friends to remain seated until the entire ceremony is completed.
10. Photographs will be available later from Candid Color Photography, who will email the proof to the address on your card. Students are under no obligation to purchase photos.