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Paper Submission Guidelines



Manuscript Requirements

  1. As a guide, papers in their entirety are limited to 30 pages. Paper submissions of less than 25 pages are encouraged.
  2. A brief autobiographical note (provided on a separate sheet) should be supplied including:
    1. Full name
    2. Affiliation
    3. E-mail address
    4. Full contact details
    5. Brief professional biography
  3. Authors must supply a structured abstract that follows APA 6th edition guidelines.
  4. Please provide four to six keywords which encapsulate the principal topics of the paper.
  5. Categorize your paper under one of the following Classifications:
    1. Education
    2. Practice
    3. Research
  6. Categorize your paper again by choosing one of the following Methodologies :
    1. Quantitative
    2. Qualitative
    3. Mixed
    4. Literature Review
    5. Theoretical Framework
  7. Categorize your paper one last time by choosing one of the following Areas of Interest:
    1. Accounting
    2. Business Administration
    3. Business Communication
    4. Business Education
    5. Diversity & Multiculturalism
    6. Economics
    7. Education Administration
    8. Educational Leadership
    9. Entrepreneurship
    10. Ethics
    11. Finance
    12. Globalization
    13. Healthcare Administration
    14. Human Resources
    15. Leadership
    16. Management
    17. Not-for-profit Administration
    18. Organizational Behavior
    19. Public Administration
  8. References to other publications must be in APA 6th edition guidelines and must be carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency.
  9. Authors should be as meticulous as possible in preparing the paper so that editing and minor correction of typographical errors will not be necessary. Retyping by the editor is not possible.
  10. Any submission that is received after the deadline, exceeds length requirements, or does not adhere to the format will be rejected without review.
  11. Tables, figures and pictures should be embedded in the manuscript where the author wants them to be placed. Do NOT submit them as a separate document.
  12. Tables MUST NOT be custom created. If you are going to use a table of some sort, it needs to be created using one of Microsoft Word’s default tables.

Electronic Submission and Fee Instructions

All articles must be submitted electronically. Please completely fill out the manuscript submission form, then attach your paper and autobiography using the file upload boxes at the bottom of the form. We require valid email and phone number incase of a need for contact which should be responded in a timely manner or your manuscript may be rejected without a refund.

You then must pay the $75 submission fee, payment of the fee does not automatically mean publication. The submission fee serves as a way to spread out the administrative costs and long-term funding issues of the Journal. You may pay via Credit Card, which will be processed using Stripe. We prefer the use of Stripe because it is the safest method for all parties involved. You do not need to have an existing Stripe account.

Formatting and Style Rules

Please follow these instructions carefully and proof your manuscript before final submission. We recommend that you print samples of your paper to verify the correct margin settings. Papers that deviate from these instructions may not be reviewed and will be returned to the author(s).

The first page should contain:

Manuscript title: The title of your paper should be in bold type, all caps, single-spaced, and centered across the top of the page with at least a one and one-half inch margin on the left and right.

The second page should start with the manuscript title, abstract, keywords and then categories. The body of the paper will follow on the third page. Do not write the authors name on any place except the autobiography document

Originality: Manuscripts may be submitted to other journals provided that the AIJ is so advised, and that the author(s) inform the Editor-in-Chief immediately if the work is published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

Length: The maximum length for manuscripts is 30 pages in a one-column format with left justification and should include an abstract using APA 6th edition guidelines. (30 pages include all the figures, tables, references, appendices, etc.)

Format: Follow APA 6th Edition guidelines. Do not include typed line numbers. Manuscripts with line numbers typed into the text will be sent back to the author for immediate revision

Keywords: Please include at least four but no more then six keywords below your abstract.

Paragraphs: Please follow APA 6th edition guidelines.

Style: Style should follow American Psychological Association (APA 6th Ed.) guidelines for formatting the manuscript, especially headings and referencing (An abridged version of APA Guidelines is available at or the Purdue Owl ) Do not use the word Bibliography for your references. Use References.

Figures and tables: Tables and figures are to be embedded into the manuscript. Do NOT submit as a separate document. Tables must not be custom created. If you are going to use a table of some sort, it needs to be created using one of Microsoft Word's default tables. 

Footnotes: The use of footnotes is seriously discouraged.

Equations: All equations should be placed on separate lines and numbered consecutively, with the equation numbers placed within parentheses and aligned against the right margin. P1 = f(Y1) (1)

Appendices: should immediately follow the body of the paper (using the first-level heading "APPENDIX") and precede the references. If there is more than one appendix, number each one consecutively. 

Language: Your file may contain traditional English or Greek characters. It should not contain any other language characters

Copyright: Do not submit anything to the Journal for which is already copyrighted and which we would be thus violating copyright restrictions. Authors assume full responsibility for what is submitted. 

Deadlines: See Call for Papers

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