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SWOSU Staff Council

ssc-mottoSSC is an advisory council that makes recommendations to the executive Vice President of Administration and Finance. The council is composed of 17 staff employees from various departments. Staff employees are always welcome to attend our meetings, which are scheduled once monthly in HAB 105. If you have a topic of concern, contact a council member so it can be put on the agenda prior to the meeting.

SSC Mission Statement

The Southwestern Staff Council (SSC) shall be an advocate for all staff members by conveying staff interests and concerns to the Administration. We strive to promote a positive work environment, maintain diversity, and build unity among all members of the Southwestern Oklahoma State University community.

SSC Vision Statement

The vision of SSC is to improve the work environment and advocate the interests and concerns of staff. We will be your voice by doing the following:

  • Encouraging staff input and feedback to University Policy.
  • Opening doors for Communication among staff, faculty, administration and students to maintain a cohesive workforce.
  • Advocate for the continued training and professional development for staff members
  • Acknowledging that all staff members have the right to be treated with respect and value, and the right to be recognized and rewarded fairly for their performance.
  • Striving to create a work environment free from discrimination and harassment.