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Student Organization Activity Funding

Funding is available for recognized student organizations so that they may provide campus-wide activities. Each year, student organizations must complete the Campus Organization Information Report and the Student Activity Budget Request Summary in order to apply for funds. Contact the Dean of Students for deadlines and additional information. Priority funding will be given to requests which benefit the student body on a campus-wide basis.

A student allocations committee, with oversight by the Dean of Students, reviews all requests from student organizations for these funds. The committee recommendations for funding must be approved by the Dean of Students and Vice-President for Student Affairs. These funds are deposited in a university account and are subject to the same requirements as any other student activity expenditures. There are three basic rules for use of these funds:

  1. The amount and purpose must be approved by the committee.
  2. A large purchase order, (signed by an organizational officer and sponsor) must be approved, prior to the purchase, through the Business Affairs office.
  3. An invoice or check requisition (signed by the sponsor and officer) must be submitted to the Business Affairs Office for payment.

The funds may not be used for scholarships, donations, alcoholic beverages, cash advance gift cards, or for personal enrichment. Reimbursement of expenditures is allowed when a properly documented receipt is presented. Invoices for expenditures must be submitted to the Business Affairs Office. If no invoice is available, a check requisition may be used. Note: Payments for expenditures cannot be made from a purchase order. To prevent duplicate payments of the same expense, submit only one item (invoice or check requisition) per expenditure. Do not submit both an invoice and check requisition. Representatives of organizations may expect payment within one week from the date of the submission of the proper paperwork. Information will be sent to sponsors of campus organizations each fall (and spring if there is still funding) advising them of the deadlines for written requests for funding. Representatives of organizations with requests will come before the student committee for a hearing regarding the application for funds at a designated time following the application deadline.

Payment of charges incurred for the activity must be made by invoice to a vendor from an Agency Account established by the Business Office.