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Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA)/Section 504

The American with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA) requires the provision of "reasonable accommodations" to those qualified individuals with disabilities by providing equal, nondiscriminatory program access in the academic setting. Students are responsible for providing current documentation from a qualified professional to support their request for accommodations.

The ADAAA Officer (SWOSU Dean of Students) assists students in supplying required documentation so that SWOSU can make reasonable accommodations. Students must take the verifying documentation, provided by a qualified professional, to the Dean of Students. A full list of services to students with disabilities may be found on the DOS website.

The student should meet with each instructor after the first class period or during the instructor's office hours within the first week of class and discuss the specific accommodation options that have been recommended and how they will be adopted in class. Accommodations cannot be retroactive and begin only after verifying documentation from a qualified professional is received and reasonable time for accommodation development has been allowed.

If a student with a disability believes that faculty members have not provided the appropriate accommodations, he or she may file a grievance with the Dean of Students. If a student does not believe their accommodation request has been fulfilled in a reasonable manner by the Dean of Students, the student may file an appeal with the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Any student attending SWOSU who has a physical or developmental impairment may make an application for vocational rehabilitation services.