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Campus Security Procedures and Practices

Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures (ERAEP)

The SWOSU administration will immediately notify the campus community in the event and confirmation of an emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus community SWOSU law enforcement and designated persons will test the ERAEP annually and document the information concerning a description of the exercise, i.e. date, time and if announced or not announced. Students must sign up for the Emergency Notification System (Alert System).

Missing Student Notification Process

Any SWOSU student presumed missing for 24 hours shall be reported as presumed missing to the SWOSU Chief of Police/Office of Public Safety. The Chief will contact other parties to assist in the search. Students may access the Campus Police’s website for the complete process.

Parking Decal Required

Campus parking is available to all students. Because of the high number of vehicles parked on campus, it is required of all students with vehicles, both part and full-time, to obtain a parking decal at the Campus Department of Public Safety. The one-time cost to students of obtaining a parking decal is included in a Safety Service Fee students pay at enrollment. Replacement decals are available upon request when presenting photo ID at SWOSU’s Department of Public Safety. Your safety is our primary concern; therefore, our traffic laws and parking stipulations will be stringently enforced. The jurisdiction includes all university property as well as adjacent or surrounding streets. Fines are charged to student accounts for violations ticketed by campus police. All of the SWOSU Police Officers are CLEET certified and may issue campus, municipal, or county tickets depending on the type of violation.

NOTICE: The State of Oklahoma prohibits motor vehicles being displayed for sale at unlicensed locations (university property). Students are asked to cooperate by not placing ‘For Sale’ signs on any motorized vehicle parked in university parking lots or on university property.

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies on Campus

Reports of criminal actions or other emergencies occurring on the SWOSU campus should be made to the campus Department of Public Safety (DPS) who will respond in accordance with established law enforcement procedures. Victims of serious crimes may request support personnel such as ministers and counselors during and after reporting.

Security of Facilities and Access to Residences

Security is provided in the maintenance of the university's facilities through a number of mechanisms, including limitations on hours of operation, policies on keys, restriction of access to those bearing appropriate identification as university staff or students and the provision of adequate lighting. A guide for living in residence halls is given to each student residing in the halls. The campus DPS performs building checks on all campus buildings at scheduled times. Students may be authorized to be in a building after lock-up, if under the direct supervision or written permission of an authorized faculty or staff employee.

Cooperation with Area Police Agencies

SWOSU cooperates with local police authorities to monitor and record information concerning criminal activity occurring away from the campus but involving university students or university-recognized student organizations.

Drug-Free Workplace and Schools

The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal narcotics in any form on the campus, in the university housing, or at any affair on the campus sponsored by or for a student organization is forbidden.

The University also acts in accordance with the Drug Free Schools Act, the Drug Free Workplace Act, and other applicable provisions of state and federal law. Annually SWOSU sends students a copy of these written policies: Drug-Free Schools, Drug-Free Workplace, and Student Code of Conduct. SWOSU offers the following programs dealing with alcohol and other drug abuse:

  1. Alcohol Awareness Month focuses on fostering responsible drinking behavior. Various programs bring awareness concerning the disadvantages of alcohol and drug use and promote the non-use of all drugs.
  2. Red River Transit provides transportation assistance to students from the community of Weatherford. It enables students to travel safely to and from various locations on campus and in the city.

In accordance with state law, no one other than a commissioned law enforcement officer may carry firearms on campus. Southwestern Oklahoma State University recognizes its responsibility as an educational and public service institution to promote a safe and productive educational and work environment. This responsibility demands implementation of programs and services which facilitate that effort. Southwestern supports federal laws requiring the establishment of antidrug programs which prohibit the use of illegal drugs in the schools and the workplace. Toward this goal, the University has implemented the following policies:

  • Students and employees are required to abide by the terms of the Drug-Free Schools and Drug-Free Workplace Policies as a condition of enrollment and/or employment.
  • Illegal manufacture, distribution, possession or use of illegal drugs on university property is strictly prohibited.
  • A violation of the policy is to be considered a major offense that can result in immediate expulsion for students, termination of employment or require satisfactory participation in a drug rehabilitation program. A criminal conviction is not required for sanctions to be imposed upon an individual for violation of this policy.
  • Employees are required to notify their supervisors of a criminal conviction for drug-related offenses occurring in the workplace no later than five days following the conviction. Students are required to notify the Dean of Students of such a conviction on university property within the same time frame.
  • Students and employees are provided access to the University's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), counseling and training programs which are designed to inform individuals about the dangers of drug abuse. Voluntary participation in or supervisory referrals to the Employee Assistance Program are on a confidential basis.
  • Students and employees are forbidden from performing sensitive safety functions while a prohibited drug is in their system.
  • Drug testing is mandated for sensitive safety positions prior to employment when there is reasonable cause, after an accident, on a random basis, and before returning to duty after refusing to take a drug test or after not passing a drug test. (Sensitive safety employees are defined in CFR Volume 32, Part 280 and CFR Volume 49 Part 653.) This legislation is available for review in the Human Resources Office.

Storm Warnings and University Assigned Shelters
(no animals allowed)

In the event of storm conditions, the city of Weatherford will sound sirens strategically located across the city and on the University campus to warn the population to seek immediate shelter or take proper precautions. Members of the university community have several campus buildings available to them which are readily accessible for shelter.