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Residence Hall Rules and Policies

Residence hall guidelines and policies are listed in the Residence Hall Handbook. Hard copies of the handbook are available upon request. In addition, each building has residence hall rules and policies determined by the individual residence hall’s House Council and university staff responsible for hall supervision.

Service Animals and Pets on Campus

The following are regulations regarding pets on campus:

  1. Only service animals that are used for persons with disabilities are allowed in the non-residential university buildings. Students who require the use of service animals must provide the appropriate documentation to the DOS following the university reasonable accommodations procedures.
  2. Pets are not allowed to run free, nor may they be left unattended on university property.
  3. Service or comfort animals with residents are allowed in the residence halls. Students who require the use of comfort animals must provide documentation to the DOS following U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations.

The penalties for violations are as follows:

  1. First violation - warning.
  2. Second violation – meeting with the DOS.


It is a violation for any person or group to solicit or sell to individual students or groups of students at any time on the property, campus, or grounds of SWOSU, except in those cases where specific authorization has been extended by the office of the Dean of Students or by the office of the Director of Auxiliary Services.

Student Dress and Appearance

Neatness and appropriate dress are important at all times. It is assumed that students who attend SWOSU will exercise mature discretion in regard to their personal appearance and hygiene. For obvious reasons of hygiene and safety, students shall not be shirtless and/or barefoot.