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Student Organizations


The Coordinator of Student Activities, Room 214, Stafford Center, coordinates information regarding SWOSU recognized student organizations. Existing recognized student organizations must submit a list of officers and sponsors to the DOS office each year by October 1. Only those meeting this deadline will be considered for priority funding by the Student Allocation Committee. Additional funding may be allocated in spring if available.

The president of each recognized student organization is a member of the Council of Presidents. This body works with SGA, the DOS and university administration to create leadership opportunities and dynamic activities on campus. Attendance by the president (or designee) is required for continued funding.

To charter a new group, check with the DOS. New groups will be funded through the DOS’s office as they form and are approved.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) was originated to serve students and to provide for student advocacy. The SGA serves as the forum for student interests, opinions, and concerns; it’s also the coordinator of many social activities for the student body. Student government is funded by student activity fees.  The SGA offices are located on the first floor of the Memorial Student Union.

SGA meetings are typically held in STF 104. All meetings of the Student Government Association are open to the public, and students are encouraged to attend. If a student has problems, concerns, or questions regarding the university or student government, they are invited to contact the Student Government Center immediately by e-mail at