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SWOSU 2018 – 2023 Strategic Plan

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Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Strategic Plan  Pathway to Excellence  was constructed through a collaborative process in 2018  2019 that established a mission, vision, values and four strategic goals that serve as a pathway for the university’s future. The strategic planning process included input from all departments and programs, students, faculty, staff, alumni and external stakeholders.

The Strategic Plan is the result of multiple levels of input from each of these key groups. The Strategic Plan Executive Committee took feedback and revised the plan multiple times during the process. Every program and office at SWOSU will play a key role in implementing action points to meet strategic goals and the mission. The university’s Assessment Committee will guide the tracking of the plan’s progress toward these goals and mission. The process of developing the plan can be reviewed here.

SWOSU Pathway to Excellence Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Southwestern Oklahoma State University supports students and community through its integration of effective teaching, scholarly and creative endeavors, and civic engagement.

Values Statement

In pursuing the university’s mission, SWOSU faculty and staff are guided by a shared commitment to:

  1. students, by providing high-quality instruction, involvement, services, scholarly endeavors, creative activities, and service learning.
  2. achievement, by establishing a foundation for student success.
  3. knowledge, by pursuing the exchange of ideas, research, and leadership for the public good.
  4. respect, by fostering a safe, healthy, and diverse intellectual, cultural, and social environment that encourages emotional well-being.

Vision Statement

SWOSU will foster an inclusive environment that inspires intellectual excellence, responsible citizenship, professional development, and personal growth. 

Strategic Plan Goals

Goal 1: Cultivate effective methods to attract, develop, and retain students.

Goal 2: Promote student achievement of educational and professional goals.

Goal 3: Provide stewardship of resources necessary to operate excellent programs and services.

Goal 4: Foster quality programs that meet the needs of students and the local, state, national, and global community.

The expanded plan, with action points for each strategic goal, can be viewed here.