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Strategic Plan Background

SWOSU has a tradition of developing strategic plans, which includes: strategic plans for 1998 – 2003, 2005 – 2010 and 2012  2017. The documents are archived on the website at this link. The planning continues since SWOSU completed another successful regional continuing accreditation commitment from the North Central Association — the Higher Learning Commission in 2010 – 2011 for a full 10 years. An administrative decision was made to bid out strategic planning to facilitate this open and deliberative process. We completed the strategic planning review process and the 2012 – 2017 university strategic plan can be located at


The SWOSU Strategic Planning Executive Committee, which builds from past strategic plans, the recent Self-Study and Team Report by HLC, diverse focus group discussions, and relevant documents will create a Strategic Plan to guide the future of the University. Particular emphasis will be placed on identifying a stronger strategic position for SWOSU and a selected number of high impact initiatives to strengthen academic distinction, to enhance the student experience, and to advance service to a diverse region and local community.

Guiding Principles

The planning process will be:

  • Driven by statements of Values, Vision and the SWOSU Mission
  • Positive
  • Mindful of campus culture, history, traditions and prior planning
  • Open and collaborative
  • Implementable 
  • Creative

Assumptions & Approach

  • The Strategic Planning Executive Committee will guide and drive the process with support from subcommittees that will draw in a variety of stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders are defined as representatives from the student body, staff, faculty and community leaders.
  • There will be regular contact with the President and University leadership throughout the process.
  • On-site representatives provide administrative support. Chair of the Strategic Planning Executive Committee is Associate Provost Dr. Joel Kendall
  • The SWOSU Strategic Plan will seek to align with the mission and plans for the Oklahoma State Regents Higher Education and the Regional University System of Oklahoma.
  • The role of the Strategic Planning Executive Committee is to facilitate a planning process that is largely completed by SWOSU rather than to create the plan.
  • The process will utilize a conversational approach where people address a set of fundamental questions that lead to the essential elements of a strategic plan, rather than placing heavy emphasis on planning language and jargon.
  • In keeping with this collaborative approach, SWOSU will provide the assistance needed for this planning project.
  • SWOSU will maintain a web site on which information about the process can be posted,including surveys, presentations, agendas and workbooks.