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Seven Easy Steps to the FAFSA

Online Tutorial for FAFSA

Applying for financial aid begins with the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This is best done by March 1st prior to fall semester but can be completed at later times if needed. However, early application ensures the best opportunity for assistance. Other paperwork may be needed if required by the federal government or for institutional purposes. The FAFSA requires an institutional code. The SWOSU code is 003181. Using this code will ensure that your financial aid application information is sent to SWOSU.

Degree seeking students are eligible to apply for Federal Financial aid. Federal Student aid is intended for students who are fully admitted to a program at SWOSU. Students who have not been admitted to a program are normally not eligible to receive federal aid.

Each financial aid program has different academic requirements. However SWOSU uses 12 hours as the definition for full time,  9 hours for three quarter time and 6 hours for half time. Graduate students need 9 hours for full time and 5 hours for half time.

Once your data is reviewed, we will send an email stating that you have been awarded. Grants and scholarships will be automatically accepted for you. However, loans must be accepted by you. From there we will work to ensure the money comes in a timely fashion to help you go to school.

Students Enrolled in Modules (Classes that are shorter than a term)

Financial Aid Issues