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Federal Work Study

There are many jobs available to students annually at SWOSU. Some of them require the student to be eligible for the financial need-based program called Federal Work Study. This is a type of financial aid.

Three reasons why Federal Work Study is the way to earn money:

  1. Work hours are typically scheduled conveniently around your classes
  2. Money earned does not hurt your financial aid eligibility next year
  3. You get to meet and know more people from campus

Unlike many jobs off campus, Federal Work Study work hours are typically scheduled around your classes instead of making you fit your course schedule around work. This makes school a number one priority rather than number two.

Also because this is a type of financial aid, every dollar earned in Federal Work Study is exempted from the financial aid calculation the following year. This allows you to earn more without jeopardizing your future aid.

And, it's cool to be on campus. You see your friends, meet more people, get to know professors and really connect with the university culture.

If working up to 20 hours per week would be a great experience, check it out. Federal Work Study may well be the right move for you.

Federal Work Study is need based aid and is awarded to students  who indicate that they want these funds on the Student Data Form. Federal Work Study is awarded after all other resources are considered including SEOG.