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Federal Work Study Questions and Answers

Will a Work Study job be assigned to me?

No, all students seeking employment are expected to find a job on their own. The Human Resources Office posts current student job openings regularly on Bulldog Job Board. You must apply for positions individually. Selection is made by the respective departments.

How many hours can I work per week?

Twenty (20) hours per week are the maximum recommended for academic reasons as well as tax reasons. If you work 20 or more hours per week (among all your campus jobs) FICA (Social Security) will be deducted from your wages. Most work study awards allow for between 10-20 hours per week.

Can I change work study jobs?

Yes you can, but it is expected that you should give your current employer at least two weeks notice. If you wish to change jobs, visit the Human Resources Office to review the job openings and obtain the necessary paperwork.

Isn't work study money non-taxable?

Work study earnings are taxable income. If taxes were withheld from your paycheck you probably are eligible for a refund depending of course on your total annual earnings. It is in your best interest that you file a tax return with the Internal Revenue by April 15.

Can my fall/spring work study award be used in the summer?

No, you must apply separately for summer work study. You can not carry over any unused earnings to the summer. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services to complete their summer enrollment form to have your eligibility calculated. The summer work study program is contingent upon funding availability. If you are enrolled for at least three credit hours during the summer and you complete the "Summer Request For Aid" you may be eligible for summer work study.

What happens when I reach my award maximum?

Your department should notify you when you reach your award maximum. The department has the option of either continuing your assignment and paying you 100% from their departmental budget or ending your assignment altogether. Most departments will make every attempt to keep you working with them, but you must be a good employee.

Also, Contact Student Financial Office about possible increases